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Supreme Court review of mercury rules could impact Ohio

The Walter C. Beckjord power plant in Ohio is one of many that have shut down rather than meet pollution rules. (Photo by  Brett Ciccotelli via Creative Commons)A case currently before the Supreme Court could decide whether coal-fired power plants can escape federal rules for mercury and other hazardous air emissions.

Kansas bill would do away with renewable portfolio standard

Kansas' renewable portfolio standard is being challenged in the state legislature again this year; advocates say keeping the law will be critical to meeting EPA carbon targets.

Chicago petcoke announcement raises more questions

Locals think barges are bringing piles of petcoke from the BP Whiting oil refinery. (Photo by Kari Lydersen / Midwest Energy News)A recent announcement that petcoke shipments to Chicago will end largely just consists of a company saying it will comply with city regulations instituted a year ago.

Groups pursue time-of-use electricity pricing in Illinois

(Photo by daniel via Creative Commons)Two groups are pushing for Illinois regulators to require time-of-use pricing to charge customers more accurately for the price of electricity at the time they use it.