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FirstEnergy efficiency cuts part of larger pattern, critics say

FirstEnergy's Lake Shore plant, viewed from Cleveland's Shoreway. Photo by Kathiann M. Kowalski.FirstEnergy’s plans to gut most of its Ohio energy efficiency programs come just as the company has ramped up state and federal efforts to prop up markets for its power plants.

Study: Small towns can save big with efficiency, renewables

Bloomfield, Iowa could save millions on utility costs through increased efficiency and renewable energy, according to a new study. (Photo by Pete Zarria via Creative Commons)A pair of Iowa studies found that both utilities and their customers in small towns can substantially cut costs if they invest in deep efficiencies and, to a lesser extent, in renewable sources of generation.

Exelon says nuclear ‘at risk’ designation is little help

Exelon's nuclear power plant at Byron, Illinois. (Photo by Bill and Vicki T via Creative Commons)Exelon says the EPA's proposed carbon plan, which designates 6 percent of the nation's nuclear capacity "at risk" for retirement, provides little help to prop up financially struggling reactors.

Report: Michigan lacks support for alternative-fuel vehicles

Electric vehicle parking in Allen Park, Michigan. (Photo by Ian Muttoo via Creative Commons)Despite its automotive legacy, Michigan is behind its Midwestern neighbor states in establishing a better market for electric and other alternative-fuel vehicles.