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Proposed Upper Peninsula refinery remains a mystery

Property in Sands Township, Michigan is being considered for a proposed oil refinery. (Image via YouTune / Fox U.P.)Late last year, developers proposed a 40,000-barrel-a-day refinery in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Since that time, “not a peep” has been said about the project.

Illinois governor seeks to slash efficiency, energy programs

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner delivers his State of the Budget address to lawmakers on Feb. 18. (AP Photo / Seth Perlman)In trying to address the state’s budget crisis, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is proposing to cut efficiency and renewable energy programs, and to sweep money collected from ratepayers into the state’s general coffers.

Ohio ruling doesn’t rule out ‘bailout’ plans in the future

While Ohio regulators last week rejected one utility’s plan to guarantee income for its power plants – characterized by critics as a “bailout” – the decision left the door open for similar proposals in the future.

Study finds net metering to be a net benefit in Missouri

(Photo by Rob Rudloff via Creative Commons)A cost-benefit study of net metering in Missouri recently arrived at the same conclusion as similar studies in Vermont, New York, Texas and Nevada: for utility customers, net metering is a net benefit.