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Report sees bright future for renewable energy in Minnesota

A wind farm near Worthington, Minnesota. (Photo by Seward Inc. via Creative Commons)A new report suggests Minnesota could supply more than 50 percent of its power needs through renewable energy by 2030 while creating more jobs and meeting federal carbon targets.

Chicago health commissioner blasts KCBX over petcoke

On Wednesday, Chicago’s public health commissioner sent KCBX a scathing letter, denouncing the company for releasing plans “via press release” for a proposed petcoke enclosure.

Midwest collaborative seeks flexibility on Clean Power Plan

A group of Midwestern regulators, environmentalists and utility representatives headed to Washington, D.C. this week to ask that states and utilities receive credits for their past efforts on EPA carbon targets.

Rural co-ops promise net metering; don't always deliver

Solar panels on a Colorado barn. (Photo by Les Stockton via Creative Commons)In Iowa, rural co-ops offer a broad range of compensation for solar customers. Advocates say they're doing the bare minimum to avoid state regulation.