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Bat decision could impact Midwest wind industry

A researcher holds a Northern long-eared bat in Oklahoma in 2013. (Photo by Georgia Wildlife Resources Division via Creative Commons)Wind energy in parts of the Midwest could be impacted if the federal government announces that it is listing the Northern long-eared bat as an endangered or threatened species.

Industry, water advocates come together on bioenergy bills

A Minnesota bill will require a certain percentage of advanced biofuels to be derived from cover crops like rye to be eligible for tax credits. (Photo by John S. Quarterman via Creative Commons)Environmentalists and bioeconomy advocates reached an agreement last week to modify a Minnesota bill that critics worried would encourage more corn production.

Ohio regulators tell lawmakers not to interfere on carbon rule

Despite Ohio's antipathy toward the Clean Power plan, state regulators do not want the General Assembly to pass any law that would interfere with eventual compliance.

Minnesota construction firm sees big business in solar

Workers for Mortenson Construction install solar panels at a work site in Arizona. (Photo courtesy Mortenson Construction)It should come as no surprise that M.A. Mortenson Company would want a piece of Minnesota's community solar action, as it has quietly become one of the nation's leading builders of solar installations.