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Ohio regulators tell lawmakers not to interfere on carbon rule

Despite Ohio's antipathy toward the Clean Power plan, state regulators do not want the General Assembly to pass any law that would interfere with eventual compliance.

Minnesota construction firm sees big business in solar

Workers for Mortenson Construction install solar panels at a work site in Arizona. (Photo courtesy Mortenson Construction)It should come as no surprise that M.A. Mortenson Company would want a piece of Minnesota's community solar action, as it has quietly become one of the nation's leading builders of solar installations.

For hospitals, capturing waste heat is a natural fit

Gas from a nearby landfill helps fuel a combined heat and power system at Gundersen Health System's Onalaska, Wisconsin campus. (Photo courtesy Gundersen Health System)Hospitals, which use large amounts of both electricity and thermal energy, are increasingly embracing combined heat and power.

Cleveland steps up on energy efficiency challenge

Energy savings at the Cleveland Clinic free up resources for patient care. (Photo by Steve Grant via Creative Commons)Representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy and the City of Cleveland were on hand Monday at the city’s Fire Station No. 1 to recognize local leaders in DOE’s Better Buildings Challenge.