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Minnesota leads Midwest on efficiency; Indiana, Ohio falter

2014-scorecard-map-01-460Minnesota led Midwest states in energy efficiency in a recent study while Indiana and Ohio fell after lawmakers backtracked on key policies.

Michigan National Guard to test wind-funnel design

Sheerwind's demonstration project in Minnesota. (Photo by Rwsweene via Creative Commons)The Michigan National Guard is spending $1.5 million on two new funnel-based wind generators developed by a Minnesota company.

German passive house standards get makeover for Midwest

Nancy North and John Gaddo moved into their near-passive house in Lanesboro, Minnesota, in July. (Courtesy photo)Crafted for temperate zones like Stuttgart, the passive house standard has proved tough to implement in North America’s more extreme climates.

Abandoned Michigan mineshafts could be new energy option

Abandoned mine shafts, like this one near Painesdale, Michigan, could provide a source of geothermal energy. (Photo by Joel Dinda via Creative Commons)As Michigan's Upper Peninsula grapples with a looming electricity crisis, the region's copper-mining past could play a role in its energy future.